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FAQ - Frequent questions

What are the most important benefits of Predictto?

Predictto enables maintenance planners to decide the optimal time to schedule maintenance tasks for their assets.

In addition, it can be connected to Fracttal and use the information that customers already have in their account, and it can also be integrated with external sources of monitoring data (IoT) to make its predictions.

With Predictto you can generate predictive models that fit your needs, since it allows you to select the data that will feed your predictive model, from among the many available options. You can obtain forecasts on the state of your assets that are easy to understand and interpret.

What does Predictto do? How does it work?

Predictto is a tool that helps decision-making in maintenance planning. By connecting with Fracttal and other external sources, it is able to extract information from your assets to predict future failures.

Currently, Predictto takes information from variable measurements of parts of your assets and uses them to feed algorithms capable of predicting when these variables will reach values that go beyond established limits (for example, limits indicated by regulations). The predictions are associated with a reliability range, so it is possible to obtain a reliability curve for the asset over time.

In the near future, Predictto will offer reliability analysis that will allow, among other things, to make estimates of inventories and budgets.

Who is Predictto aimed at?

Predictto is to be used by maintenance planners and decision makers. By using Predictto, they will be able to know when it is most appropriate to schedule preventive maintenance on their assets, saving themselves from consulting external companies that are responsible for monitoring and predictive analysis.

What instruments, tools and resources does Predictto replace as a maintenance tool?

Predictto replaces expensive external consultancies that are in charge of doing predictive analysis to indicate the best time to perform maintenance on your assets. With Predictto you only need the data (which may be the one you already have in Fracttal) to perform predictive analysis and determine the optimal time to perform maintenance tasks.